Video Assessment

The Plan:

Video’s can be the best tool for learning. With years of experience cutting video’s of my former colligate goalkeepers, we all found this was the tool to guide us to success. The game is growing faster and faster. Being able to break down video and watch it in slow motion, enables me to view the slightest flaws. That is the difference between saves and goals. PKS offers video analysis assessment as a fuel to help aspiring goalkeepers gain that competitive advantage among others.

Here’s how it works:

Record 20 minutes of yourself in goal including as many goalkeeper techniques and drills as possible. I want to see you showcasing yourself as much as possible in game like situations or in a training environment. Upload your video by email or youtube. I want to see success and failures. Remember this is a teaching tool and I need to see your flaws as well and make them your strengths.

PKS will review your video and will write a descriptive in depth report analysis providing you with techniques and tactics in order for you to achieve a higher learning of success. The report will include highlighting strengths and areas that need adjustment. PKS will go over the video with you via phone call, video call or in person.

The Package Plans:

Gold $150
  • 1 time video analysis
  • 1 written evaluation
  • 30 minute phone call with Laurie George
  • Pells Keeper School long sleeved jersey
Platinum $300
  • 3 video analysis over 1 year
  • 3 written evaluations
  • 3 video calls with Laurie George
  • Pells Keeper School long sleeved jersey
Diamond $500
  • 5 time video analysis over 1 year
  • 5 written evaluations
  • 5 video calls with Laurie George
  • Free session 1 hour session
  • Pells Keeper School long sleeve jersey